Rashad Howard
The Ultimate Enabler

For nearly two decades, Rashad has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations overcome obstacles
and achieve the unthinkable.

A proven and passionate innovator, he marries bold ideas and unconventional thinking to help organizations and the people within them reach their potential.

A serial entrepreneur and investor, he’s had his share of wins and losses, struggles and successes, and has harnessed each experience to help him thrive. He’s built, managed, and scaled several 8-figure companies, and acted as a key advisor to the US’ leading government agencies, senior government officials, and various business leaders.

Breaking barriers and forging his own path

Growing up between Los Angeles, California and Fort Smith, Arkansas, Rashad had a storied childhood where he learned to adapt in often volatile conditions to survive and thrive. Eventually he set off to the US Air Force Academy to learn to compete and lead at the highest levels of excellence while enduring significant challenges in the process.

Since separating from the US Air Force as a captain, Rashad has spent years practicing what he's learned along the way. The combined lessons - from family, friends, teachers, the Air Force Academy and Air Force service, various adversities, bad decisions, failed projects, lost money, successful and failed relationships, investments in conferences, coaching, and seminars, therapy, and continuous introspection and reflection from every aspect of his upbringing and training - gifted him a unique perspective on winning, as well as an acute drive to persevere through challenges.
“Business is my activism”
For Rashad, his definite major purpose is "to create and build communities where self-determination is our basic way of life." He uses doing business and consulting as a means to this purpose.

In everything he does, he strives to personally model the behavior that you would likewise practice. This has helped cultivate a dedicated network of thriving and successful practitioners of his systems - a network he's excited for you to join.

He particularly excels at helping people connect the value of having an effective daily practice that puts dreams and goals that you establish for yourself on "auto-achieve," ensuring your way of life delivers the outcomes you would otherwise strive for. These practices manifest for you as you develop a few key skills, and make a few key decisions. Breaking barriers is a lifestyle and Rashad provides the "Key 2 Everything" you'll need to enjoy this way of life.
Rashad is a proud graduate of the United States Air Force Academy Class of 2001 (Fired Up!) and holds an MBA from the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech. A proud veteran, he's currently a Supporting Director on the Air Force Academy Foundation Board and is the Co-Founder and CEO of Epigen, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that is a multi-year VETS Hire award-winning enterprise. He's recently led Epigen to rank #270 on Inc. 2022 5000 Rankings. One of his goals is for every business he touches to make that list.

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