"Free your mind, free yourself... then free others."

Family. Commitment. Hard Work.

From the one-bedroom, unfurnished Virginia-based apartment he and his wife shared for years to the Honda Accord that got repossessed several times while trying to turn hobbies into legitimate businesses. Centered in Rashad’s efforts is a message of empowerment to aspiring entrepreneurs with families to believe that their current circumstances have nothing to do with where they will end up. Dreams are a lot closer when we’re committed to them and continue working towards them each day as if we’re already living them.

Business is my activism.

Rashad is committed to using business as a means of achieving and providing financial and psychological freedom for himself and his community.

His passion and talents are intertwined in helping clients leverage organizational creativity and out-the-box methodologies to become more innovative, and implement frameworks for bringing elegant solutions to their most complex problems. In everything Rashad does, he maintains an intense commitment to providing exposure and opportunities to people of color in industries where access is traditionally limited.

"I wake up everyday knowing that the opportunities I chase down help more black kids grow up in houses where their parents can pay the mortgage, send them to great schools, and expose them to greater opportunities."
Rashad Howard

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